Puff 'n Stuff Custom Upholstery will provide an estimate either in your home, which is preferred, or by phone, which is less exact. We will supply references of past work and include pick-up and delivery, depending on location.

     Puff 'n Stuff is a local family-owned business, established and licensed in the early 1970's, has quality traditions and 'Olde World Craftsmanship, the keynote to our success. Word of mouth advertising has brought a continuing supply of work, even though there is a 30-40 day waiting period.

     Slipcovers are very handsome and quite original. You can be ingenious and creative with them. They're a less expensive approach to dressing up furniture.  We also ensure our customers are educated so they can make the best decision. Fabrics are available in various colors and prints, and can also be pre-washed. When cleaning slipcovers, we educate our customers on the proper care for appropriate fabric.

     Many clients prefer supplying their own fabric from several sources. We suggest two favored discount houses locally and we'll reference them to you.

     Online services can be your next step to fabric purchase. We advise being very careful.


     On a personal note, Anne and I (George) thank you for taking the time to visit our webpage and consider Puff 'n Stuff your personal upholsterers.  So call for your in-home estimate today.




(530) 621-3255

The Truth About Frames

   Hardwood construction is the sign of quality - The sheer weight of your furniture, when lifted, tells us your furniture should be worth recovering or re-upholstering.
   The hardwood interior frame is one of the basic keys to excellent construction.


The Truth About Covering

   Re-upholstery has approximately a dozen items of serious importance to check and replace as needed.
   Some are...
Coil springs: no-sag, edgewire tension springs and their relatives.
Filling materials: cotton, horse hair, pig hair, dacron, etc.
   Cushioning: down/ feather, ticking bags, marshall springs, polyurethane, latex rubber, foam, etc.

The Truth About Fabrics

    A Puff 'n Stuff custom upholstery sales representative will provide hundreds of fabric samples to choose from, explaining them and their uses relative to the furniture in your home.  Because of both a college background in relative fields of interior design and color coordination as well as hands-on, we can make a difference in assisting you in your selection.

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